Underfloor Heating

Our new Thermomat UK underfloor heating systems !

Our Thermomat UK heating systems can be used both as a central heating unit and as a supplemental system. The installation of these underfloor heating systems and insulation have been made to provide the user with simplicity and peace of mind, there is literally a minimal thought process to the eventual layout to the system. Design flexibility – Our heating systems allows you the freedom to design your interior room layout without compromise and with ease. The flexibility to be able to position your furniture where you want it lets you to take care of your lifestyle choices and not your heating requirements. This of course means no space is lost to radiators or other heating devices that can sometimes be unpleasing to the eye & ruin the aesthetics.

Choose when, where and how you heat your rooms – Unlike traditional convection heating systems which are often controlled by a single thermostat, our underfloor heating systems provide the flexibility to control individual rooms by designated thermostats which can positioned where ever you wish. These can be easily programmed to meet the demands of a particular area instead of wasting energy and money heating areas of the property which are used less often than others.

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